UAB Smart Steel Industry

UAB Smart Steel Industry is a company that provides direct access to the coal markets of CIS countries and provides procurement of coal products for subsequent import to Ukraine and other countries

The main activities of the company are wholesale trade in solid, liquid, gaseous fuels with leading manufacturers and suppliers in the Ukrainian coal market, as well as companies of the CIS market.

At the same time, a sufficiently powerful production base located in Ukraine allows us to commit the transportation of coal by various means of transport, unloading and loading of coal products at its own production sites, which include storage facilities and production facilities for coal processing in accordance with all requirements.

UAB Smart Steel Industry successfully uses international practices of various trading operations in the energy sector, is a reliable supplier and buyer in the wholesale markets of steam and gas coal, which is confirmed by its reliable reputation and competitiveness in the domestic market of Ukraine and foreign coal markets.

UAB Smart Steel Industry is a growing company and we would not stop!


UAB Smart Steel Industry selects the most effective and comfortable working conditions for each partner individually, guided by the characteristics and needs of the partner


UAB Smart Steel Industry is trying to maintain stable prices for wholesale and small quantities of coal products for each consumer, predicting trends in the coal market


All shipment of coal products undergoes quality control during shipment by an independent laboratory to confirm the physicochemical parameters and the quality compliance required by the consumer.