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The main activities of the company are wholesale trade in solid, liquid, gaseous fuels with leading manufacturers and suppliers in the Ukrainian coal market, as well as companies of the CIS market.

Grade of coal
  • Coal long fire

    Long flame coal is classified according to the classification according to the size of the pieces. That is, there is DKO (long-flame coal, a large nut), DR (long-flame ordinary), KDP (long-flame, large stove - the most versatile and popular type of coal), HOUSE (long-flame nut is small), etc. Moreover, in each class they are slightly different in size qualitative characteristics of coal (within a few percent). The specific heat of combustion is 5000-7000 Kcal / kg (on average 5600 Kcal / kg).

    Due to the fact that long-flame coal burns easily and does not require blowing, this is the best type of fuel for furnaces and boilers. In addition to the ordinary consumer, they use it for heating boiler rooms. If long-ash coals have a small ash content, then they can serve as raw materials for liquid fuels and chemical products, also for coke and semi-coke.

  • Gas coal

    G-brand coal has a high combustion rate, burns with a low dense flame, and is most often used in stationary boiler rooms for heating administrative and industrial premises, schools and kindergartens, apartment buildings. Now they are increasingly used as an alternative to the more expensive anthracite.

    UAB Smart Steel Industry implements DG 13-100 - a long-flame gas coal with fractions from 12 to 100 mm. Such fuel has the characteristics of long flame coal and gas. Belongs to the class of energy coals, does not sinter. Most often it is used for heating residential buildings and social facilities (schools, medical facilities, public buildings, etc.). It can be noted that the fuel of this brand is optimal for use in solid fuel heating systems.

      DG coal has the following characteristics:
    • specific heat - 4700-7900 kcal / kg;
    • combustion temperature - 1800ºС;
    • sulfur content - up to 1.5%;
    • moisture content - up to 15%;
    • ash content - 6-19%.
  • Coal skinny

    Lean coal is one of the subspecies of stone, it is also called semi-anthracite. With similar characteristics with coke coal, it does not sinter during heating and does not create a coke cake. It is characterized by low ash content - only 15%. Fuel is used mainly in large power plants or rail. The use of this brand is desirable in cast iron furnaces with forced draft to protect the flue from clogging. In terms of the size of the pieces, grade T can be represented by both large and small fractions from 0 to 100 mm.

      Characteristics of coal grade T are as follows:
    • ash content - 10-15%;
    • calorific value - from 3000–6500 kcal / kg;
    • the amount of volatile substances - 8–18%;
    • sulfur in the composition - up to 1.7%;
    • humidity - 5–8%.
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